How’ya all doing over there?

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I was going to put some effort on my streaming “carrier” and for that I need to upgrade my rig a little bit and I have climbed a few steps further for the boot up.

First I needed to change my motherboard from a B250M BAZOOKA to a ROG STRIX Z390-F. I bought a pretty powerful board so I can upgrade even more in the future but the biggest reason was that I needed a board that accepts 9th-gen.

Next week I will change my processor from a i5-7600K to a i9-9900K. I most also say that the i5-7600K is awesome for gaming and are working perfect but I need to have more processes active so the i9 will handle it like a beast.

I recently upgrade my ram from 8G to 16G so that will do good for now but I will aim on 64G soon.

The GPU part is also something I will upgrade in a near future but my 1070 will do good for now.

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