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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Hej Hej Bloggen (Dags för event?)

Det har inte blivit mycket streaming på sistone då jag lägger nästan all energi på hälsa och träning. Men nu känner jag att jag har hittat en bra balans...

Då var det dags igen på lördag! (Mystery box race giveaway)

Hallå där ute mina vänner! jag hoppas ni njuter av sommaren så gott du kan vare sig du har semester eller inte. Själv har jag börjat jobba men det...

Summer grind

What is good everyone! I hope you all are doing good out there and are enjoying the summer to the fullest. You might have been notice that I have not...

Finally, freedom

Finally, we've reached the holiday. Four weeks with no job, four weeks not to have to go up with an alarm, four weeks of freedom. But I'm gonna work...

We made it to Twitch Affiliate!

Yes, we did! And that is thanks to all of you guys who has been supporting us in the stream by checking by and chatting. This also means that we...

Elgato Key Light Air! WOW!

Everyone that are into video creation, streaming or any kind of photo media creation knows that the correct light is a must for the best image quality and...

Stuck in the Warzone swamp

I have not streamed and played anything except Warzone for the past weeks. I must admit that I am all hooked up hunting for wins in Warzone with my...

Streaming Computer (Hardware good?)

I was thinking of investing in a streaming computer, most to be able to relieve the computer I am playing on but also to get a smooth stream as...

Never played World of Warcraft before

Never played World of Warcraft before. I’m totally full blood noob but damn boy the game is like heroin addicting as fack. The whole experience stuff to level up...

There is no such thing as “best possible stream settings”

There is no such thing as best possible stream settings     And that's true. But you can compare if you have or almost have the same hardware as the streamer you...


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