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Monday, January 30, 2023
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Woha! Det blev bra respons på inlägget i vår Discord ang ett headshot event på söndag så jag tycker vi kör på det. För er som inte har varit med tidigare...

Då var det dags igen på lördag! (Mystery box race giveaway)

Hallå där ute mina vänner! jag hoppas ni njuter av sommaren så gott du kan vare sig du har semester eller inte. Själv har jag börjat jobba men det...

Busy weekweekend

Wow, It has been a busy week I must say! TFD growth is lightning fast and we have almost hit 50 members! thank you all! We also hit 4k members...

Playing Warzone with Heart Rate Sensor and Tobii Eye Tracker

I have invested in some cool stuff to make my streams more fun to watch and the first thing I invested in is a heart rate sensor that I...

Blair Witch (New game to stream)

I love horror games and that is not a secret if you browse my site for old articles. But I have not played any other games that much since...

Old but gold (360 stream)

Finally, some time off from work for a few days! I've been thinking about one thing. We all know how awesome the Xbox 360 console is. You may not like...

Far Cry Evo (HEADSHOT WEEKEND) coming up Jan 18!

It’s time for another classic Far Cry Evo headshot weekend! And it’s the first one for 2020 and how big isn’t that? For you who played this classic event knows...

Call of Duty time! (please vote)

We are sorry to hear that COD3 was shutdown on PS2 so I want to make an event to celebrate the greatness of this game by playing it on...

Picked up S.A.W again

I thought I had finished the game but I had a feeling that I hadn’t so today I started to continue the journey and damn some things are pretty...

25 To Life event coming up.

What's good folks! I hope everything is all good with you guys! I'm doing all good myself over here and I'm going straight forward for a week off work...


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