It has been a busy week I must say! TFD growth is lightning fast and we have almost hit 50 members! thank you all! We also hit 4k members in the official Swedish Call of Duty group on Facebook! thank you all there to!

So other projects that I have been working on got the ICE this week, but I will focus on these in the upcoming week. That means that I cannot publish today and I know a few of you has been waiting for it, sorry to you guys.

Anyways, being a father of 2 and running communities and play and stream cod at the nights is a full-time job lol, but hey. I like what I am doing so I do not complain about it.

It just takes some time to finish my tasks 😊

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Stubborn and slightly annoyed nerd. I'm a Dad above all else. All articles and posts are made as a private person.
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