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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Another night has come to the end

And another daynight has come to an end and I finished this night with some WoW and I’m getting close to level 30. It takes time but I do...

Dude how many people can play this max? (25 To Life) event.

Thanks to everyone who pop’t up at the 25 To Life event! You guys made me laugh that’s for sure! I wish I could join the voice chat more...


What’s good folks! The voting between SWB2 and Far Cry Evo are over, and the winner is SWB2. Below you can see the logfile from the voting. These two games...

Vacation is here

Woha! it's finally here!... the vacation! 3 weeks off work. How badass isn't that? and it's summer time!. I jumped off the last night shift yesterday and waking up after...

Finaly some time off [Observer stream] [Free Cloud account Kai fam members]

Yea, feels wonderful to have some days off work. I haven't touched the computer for a few days. I have been hitting the gym pretty hard the last two...

Easter holiday started out good! with some SCUM

What's good everyone! I hope everything is good with you as it is with me. I started out the Easter streaming SCUM playing on the NK server and this session...

Thanks to you who participated in the CoD3 event

Thanks for joining the CoD3 event guys! we peaked 6 players at a moment. To be honest I expected more people to show up but that's okey and we...

Tons of gaming coming up.

What's good everyone. I hope you all are doing well out there in the internetz and life. I'm doing all good here and I'm working for the moment. But...

Woha! 25 To Life – 5 vs. 5 – Xlink Kai

Man! 25 To Life is one of my fav games on the OGXBOX console and to jump on Xlink and play 5 vs. 5 is a fkn jackpot! But time-zones...

Thanks to everyone who came to the event (SWB2)

Wooha! Thank you for joining the SWB2 event. I had some network problem at the start and the reason are that I upgrade my fiber to 1TB line and...


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