Finally, some time off from work for a few days!

I’ve been thinking about one thing. We all know how awesome the Xbox 360 console is. You may not like it but me who has only used Microsoft hardware when it comes to console love it! and if your machine is on anabolic “JTAG” then it’s one damn party machine.

I usually play a lot on my 360 but it has taken off a bit lately. Very much because I have a lot of other things that I want to do at the same time.


We all know that there are awesome games for the Xbox 360. So, I thought I would start streaming the very best games from start to finish.

What I mean is that I stick to a game and play it clear and write a review then start the next game. Not jumping around with different titles n stuff. Clear one and move on to the next.

I was going to start with a category and then pick a little random of the best games in that category. So, I decided to start with the category (ADVENTURE) and the game Dishonored.

Feel free to name drop any title that you want me to play. Also feel free to follow my on Twitch here.

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