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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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LOL – I feel bad for this

We are grinding! and what a nice SCUM session we had yesterday! I played for 5h straight and lost the feelings in my damn legs lol. Anyway, me and Ragnar...

Puppet Slaughterhouse

Phun! game session today. I haven't played SCUM for a while but today me and my friend gathered up on the server for some puppet hunt and looting. We aimed...

Videos and streaming

yea I know the setup is a mess but I'm still building up my little "mancave" and planning how to aim lights for best effects. I will also invest...

My stream audience is growing!

First of all, thank you all for spending time with me online watching my streams. To make one thing clear, I'm doing the streaming just for fun and not...

12h more then 7 days off!

what's up buddies! how are you all doing? I'm doing all good because in a few hours I'm going home for 7 days off work and that feels so good! One...

Chill grind

What’s up buddies! Today was a nice day and chill day I must say. Started with that I dropped my son at school and then went home to do nothing,...

Stream upgrade

what's up buddies! For the past weeks I had more traffic on my stream then ever. I have also struggled with some wack mic issues because the mic has been...

Everything is running smooth now!

Whoa what's up. Here is a short version on what's going on. We'll, I'm finally done with the computer (almost.. ) just going to add more ram but it's...

OG Xbox stream will soon be back

What's up buddies! I recorded a video their I'm talking about picking up the OG Xbox stream again now that I built a new computer. Check out the video...

More OGXbox streaming

I have been thinking and I'm going to start stream more OGXbox content. I did stream the game the struggling before and that was appreciated by the viewers. I...


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