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Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Hackers selling intrusion a growing threat

A group of cyber-criminals who have received a real boost under the corona are those called access brokers - they hack into systems and then sell the access on...

Microsoft: Hackers have accessed source code for Azure and Exchange

In connection with the extensive SolarWinds Attack at the turn of the year, hackers managed to access Microsoft's internal network and downloaded certain files. Microsoft's security department has released a...

Hackers can use ordinary light bulbs to spy

Can use a standard incandescent light to intercept calls at a distance of 25 meters. As if it wasn't bad enough that the email, computer and mobile are vulnerable to...

Patch Firefox! Two critical bugs in the wild

Mozilla patches two critical bugs in Firefox that could cause attackers to run arbitrary code on the victims' computers. The Firefox browser is pulled with two critical vulnerabilities that are...

Hackers attack Microsoft SQL Server in large campaign

Currently, between 2,000 and 3,000 computers are infected daily. The purpose is first and foremost to extract the crypto currency Vollar. According to Israeli security company Guardicore Labs, a group...

Known hacking forum hacked – for the second time in a year

Hackers have come across the hackers forum Ogusers database on April 2. Data for about 200,000 users hacked. The Oguser forum administrator revealed yesterday that an intrusion was detected, Zdnet...

Hacking groups promises not to attack hospitals during the corona pandemic

However, but the attacks against pharmaceutical industry might continue. Several hacker groups have now said they will no longer attack hospitals during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, reports Bleepingcomputer. Leaders of the...

State-supported hackers target Microsoft Exchange servers

Hackers have begun to exploit the vulnerability that caused the same encryption key to be used on all servers that use Microsoft Exchange. According to researchers at British security company...

Hackers pulled in close to 400 million in bug hunting in 2019

Swedish hackers collected approximately 8.5 million in rewards for detected security deficiencies during the past year. 2019 was a good year financially for ethical hackers, sometimes also called white hats....

US Indicts Two Chinese Government Hackers Over Global Hacking Campaign

The US Department of Justice on Thursday charged two Chinese hackers associated with the Chinese government for hacking numerous companies and government agencies in a dozen countries.The Chinese nationals,...


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