In connection with the extensive SolarWinds Attack at the turn of the year, hackers managed to access Microsoft’s internal network and downloaded certain files.

Microsoft’s security department has released a new report describing how the company was affected by the extensive SolarWinds attack that was carried out in December and January.

The investigation shows that the hackers managed to access Microsoft’s internal network via SolarWinds’s platform Orion. Once inside the system, they could, among other things, download the source code to parts of Azure, Exchange, and Intune, but the assessment is that it should not affect the security of the services to any great extent.

According to Microsoft, hackers should not have had access to customer data, so fortunately users do not have to worry about personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Even if Microsoft does not say it outright, we can probably expect the company to tighten its routines another notch because of the attack.

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