Hackers have come across the hackers forum Ogusers database on April 2. Data for about 200,000 users hacked.

The Oguser forum administrator revealed yesterday that an intrusion was detected, Zdnet reports. It was monitoring services during the breach that noted the forum’s announcement that hackers had come across the database dated April 2 before it closed and went into maintenance mode.

The hackers are believed to have reached over 200,000 users.

And this is not the first time. Last May, hackers accessed over 113,000 users’ data and cleaned up the forum’s hard drives and the data stolen was dumped on a rival hackers forum.

This type of leaks around hacker forums is also often picked up by the police who can use them to advance in their investigations.

In 2018, the motherboard tech site wrote about Ogusers as the forum was one of the places where hackers gathered to buy and sell hacked Instagram accounts. It has also been a place where hackers organized so-called sim-swapping attacks where the attacker takes over a person’s mobile number and thus also can take over the sms with the code.

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