Swedish hackers collected approximately 8.5 million in rewards for detected security deficiencies during the past year.

2019 was a good year financially for ethical hackers, sometimes also called white hats. According to the security platform Hackerone, close to $ 40 million, corresponding to approximately SEK 388 million, will be paid for detected security deficiencies in 2019, TNW reports. The sum is close to half of the total $ 82 million that Hackerone has distributed over the years.

Hackerone has more than 600,000 registered hackers, of which seven in 2019 alone managed to earn over a million dollars by finding security flaws. Another thirteen have managed to earn over $ 500,000.

Among the countries that combed the most, the US is at the top with 19 percent of the prize money, followed by India at 10 percent and Russia at 8 percent. Sweden emerges in ninth place and white hats in the country in 2019 raised a total of $ 876,291, corresponding to about SEK 8.5 million.



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