We all know that there is an expiration date on graphics cards. What will die first are the fans.
But there is a solution if you are a little technical and it is actually not difficult to replace them at least not on a Zotac 1070 mini card.

In the beginning, I used a USB fan to cool one of my dead fans on my card. But I started to get tired of constantly turning off the power to the computer because the USB fan was spinning when I turned off the computer and it was a little too loud for my taste, but it worked for the moment.

Since I think my Zotac 1070 is keeping pace with what I am doing and to avoid having to spend hundreds of dollars on a new card, I decided to switch the fans to the Xbox original fans.

There is only one problem with this mod. And it’s that you can’t control the speed of the fans. But since the Xbox original fans are quiet, it hardly sounds anything. And the air flow is really good.

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