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Hello and welcome to the Internets Swiss Army Knife. This site is a mix of a public\personal website driven by me (enCyde).

If you know me then you know my old website ( that was more blog focused. But I wanted to expand the content and make a website more “wider” with more content aimed on my interest like tech,gaming,hacking etc. And as you can see there is a huge difference from the old one.

This site is hosted by myself on my own servers like the rest of my services. I hope you will like the new look and the new content.


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Stubborn and slightly annoyed nerd. I'm a Dad above all else. All articles and posts are made as a private person.
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Amy Lechorett
Amy Lechorett
4 years ago

Wow! the new look is way better then the old one and you have done a great job to complete it in no time. You have to teach me someday how-to setup a website.