What’s up everyone!

I hope you guys are enjoying the summer at the fullest! And if you live in the Scandinavian then you know what an amazing summer weather we have! and we love it!. But the end of the summer is getting close and we need to suck out every minute it has to offer before the end. How is your summer? let me know by writing a conmment.

And if you are a gamer like me, we also sweat as much as our system sweats lol so thank god for fans and air conditions or else there would be a wildfiiiiiiiiiiire.

Yesterday I streamed Warzone for about 5h straight and I looked like a damn fried potato lol, but it was phun af! And we did win some rounds but loosed more but that is how a gamer life is! We do not die we respawn right?

I will jump on tonight again and if you want to hang with us just hit that Twitch icon at the top of the site.

Seeya there!

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