Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Good day!

Aww man! I’m going to miss you guys really bad when I start to work again but today, we had an awesome day swimming! And a park tour...

Family first

The weather today was totally shit! There was a few glitches and the sun peaked out and we went out to play Slenderman (A hunting game that the kids...

Bomb that water!

Nice weather gives nice moments! Today the sun was glowing and we took the bikes to the public bathhouse to bomb the sh*t out of it. We...

Fishing trip

2 weeks ago we finally went for a family fishing trip. I loved to fish when I was a little kid and I want to pass that feeling to...

Vacation is here

Woha! it's finally here!... the vacation! 3 weeks off work. How badass isn't that? and it's summer time!. I jumped off the last night shift yesterday and waking up after...

Cousins makes the best team

Today is a good day when they finaly meets again. The best cousins in the world. A lot of good stuff to eat and they can almost do whatever...

nah bro I’m not dead. It’s still summer!

Hey what's up guys! You know what?, I made a short video where I'm talking about what is going on with the sixthgen and...

It’s here!

Yupp it's here my friends! 4 weeks vacation has started! I have been busy with work for the last few weeks that's why I haven't updated the site. But now,...

Our boys are awesome

They can drill your brain with toy tools and make you a madman but they are awesome for the most. We are blessed to have them in our life...


It's around the corner! 4 fkn weeks off work how badass isn't that? 4 weeks to spend with my family! and I'm almost there I can feel it I...