The holiday is coming to an end and it’s time to get back to work for another work week. It has a been good holiday and both kids has been home at the same time so that is good for me that they can entertain echoer so they can leave me alone. ha-ha, no I am just kidding.

I have been working hard on the Modern Warfare Sverige group on Facebook and soon big changes will come to the group. I cannot say much about it, but it has something to do with the release of Black Ops Cold War.

My sleeping this holiday is another story and it has been long nights and early mornings to be honest but that is my own fault because I am just curios where the energy comes from. But I need to be better to get to bed earlier because this cannot be healthy in the length. I don’t blame anyone for it…well, damn Warzone lmfao

I have been slacking off the gym for almost 2 weeks and dropped my motivation so I really need to pick that up asap because it is very important for me to keep myself in shape and keep my mind in shape.

I hope you all are okey out there.

Seeya soon.

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