Friday, January 22, 2021
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Holiday is over

The holiday is coming to an end and it's time to get back to work for another work week. It has a been good holiday and both kids has...

Bad weather? Let’s get creative!

Yesterday the weather was rainy so we spent most of the time inside and if you have kids you know it’s a struggle to keep 2 kids activated inside...

Summer is going strong!

Summer is going strong and the weather is amazing, and I am still having vacation for one more week! And today we have been outside all day for some...

What the weather man!

Amazing weather over here right now and we are talking about 20-25 degrees and here I sit blogging on my website lol. Nah, we have been outside and after...

The weather today has been on top

The weather has been sick today! Almost 20 Celsius and no wind at all. If I look back on the past week it has been cold AF but today,...

There have been some busy days

It has been some busy days I must say and the biggest reason is that Christmas is coming up and work has sucked out many hours of my life...

Green screen fun! Jelly Belly Bean Boozled challenge with the kids!

Kids love YouTube no doubt and to make an own video is even more phun! And today we made that happen. They had no idea what I was going...

Good day!

Aww man! I’m going to miss you guys really bad when I start to work again but today, we had an awesome day swimming! And a park tour and ice cream...

Family first

The weather today was totally shit! There was a few glitches and the sun peaked out and we went out to play Slenderman (A hunting game that the kids...

Possessed kids?

What's up everyone! How are you all doing todaytonight I'm doing all fine over here, a little bit tired but that is the ticket you get when you are home...


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