GTA San Andreas for Xbox heavy modded, Massive amount of vehicle mods that include bat mobiles, Batman jet, hot air balloons, RC Bandit is a drivable chicken, drivable outhouse, star wars vehicles, Star Trek Enterprise, large blimp and several more.

New streets, garage door art, mod menus, wielding duel weapons, white cj, German Shepherd dogs, dinosaurs, adult loading screens, flying carpet, the bttf delorian, super cj with powers, UFO’S and a ufo crash site by area 69 and several other things.

I own none of the mods inside. The creators of this spent many days finding the mods that worked just right without crashing the game.

All credit goes to the modders who made the mods. Comes with documents for mod discovery.

Console: XBOX
Tested: HDD & DVD
Region: NTSC & Pal Fix included
Language: English only

P1ch3Retextures and Models Replacement …
SpaceeinsteinAll in One Mod 3.0

Replaced Vehicles List:

Banshee – Dodge Viper RT10
Lanstalker – Porsche Cayenne
Nebula – Mercedes Brabus CV8
Primo – Nissan 350Z
Turismo – Audi CSX 20T LeMans GTS
Admiral – Chevy Monte Carlo 84
Bravura – Mercedes SLR
Buffalo – Honda Integra
Perennial – Mercedes 200TE
Sentinel – BMW E36 316i
Stretch – Pimped Stretch
Manana – Toyota Celica
Cheetah – Ferrari Testarossa
Moonbeam – Plymouth Grand Voyager LE
Esperanto – BMW 645 Ci Coupe
Taxi – Ford Crown Victoria Taxi
Washington – Cadillac Sixteen
BF Injection – BF Evolution
Premier – Ford Crown Victoria
Banshee – Chevrolet Corvette
Previon – Nissan Silvia
Stallion – Honda S2000
Solair – Honda Odyssey
Freeway – Chopper
ZR-350 – Toyota Celica Supra MK2
Comet – Porsche 911
BMX – Spin Wheel BMX
Super GT – Lamborghini Diablo
Bike – LowRider Bicycle
Mountain Bike – Diamondback Strike Bike
FCR-900 – Marlboro Ducati
Fortune – Jaguar XJ-S V12
Cadrona – Mitsubishi Eclipse
Vincent – Audi A4
Bullet – Bullet GT
Clover – Pontiac GTO 1969
Uranus – Mazda Miata MX-5
Jester – Toyota Supra
Elegy – Nissan Skyline R34
Tahoma – Ferrari 456 Venice Estate
Stafford – BMW 325i
Euros – Nissan 240sx
Police Los Santos – Ford Crown Victoria Police Los Santos
Police San Fierro – Ford Crown Victoria Police San Fierro
Police Las Venturas – Ford Crown Victoria Police Las Ventura
Police Countryside – Ford Crown Victoria Police Countryside
Alpha – Infiniti G35
Phoenix – Chevrolet Camaro


Retextered CJ and Caucasian CJ.
Best Graphics Ever Seen
New Intro
New Menu
4x Draw Distance
Real Grass textures
New Timecycle
New Set of Weapons from GRIM’s Weapon Pack -Volume III-
New PaintJobs and Cars Skins
New Wheels and all Spoylers Carbon From NFS
And So So Many more : Mc Donald,Burger King,Pizza Hut,KFC,Pepsi factory,
IKEA,West Coast Custom,Ferrari Showroom,Foot Locker,Garage Brembo,
TJ Tuning Gallery,Garage Chop Shop,Esso,Shell,Nude Strippers,Bike School,
Coca Cola Machine,Retextured CJ House,BMW RC Industries,Canadian Money,
New Traffic Lights, New Water, New Trees, New Glen Park, New LS Mountain,
New Train Station SF LS, Los Angeles Mod, New Homies, New Dirt Poor Gang,
New Airfield, Camo Shamal-Hydra-Cargobob-Rhyno-FlyingTiger-Rustler,
Coca Cola Factory,Bloods Ballas,FBI Headquarters,Fog Lights Fix,
2 New Groove Members(girl),New Groove Family Skins,
New San Fierro RoadSign,Holiday Inn,Marlboro SmokePack,
Mortal Kombat2 and Metal Slug Arcade Cabinet,new hookers,
Rodeo Drive,New Docks,New Strips Int,New Interiors,
Miracle Casino and Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas Sign,
New Mega Sky Scrapper,New Jefferson Motel,Hollywood Sign,
Dream Car Garage,Erotic Poker Card,Hells Angels bikers,
HardCore Beer and so Many More….

Spaceeinstein All in One Mod 3.0 included:

Perfect Start
Parked Cars
Trip Skip
Hunter Madness
Mission Skipper
Hidden Interiors / Teleporter
Sub Mission Skipper
Pizza Cake
Big Bank Job
Get Gama Rei
Follow That Traitor
Get Zitzaki
Swat Van Swipe
The Thieves
The Wife
Her Lover
Sit Down
Engine Operation
Color Shop
Rockstar Changes
Home Brains
Chop Shop
Weapon Select
Helicopter Magnet
NRG Transport
Bullet Time
Indestructible Vehicle
Fast Helicopter Take-off
Wall Climbing
Save Anywhere
GTA2 Camera
Real Time
First Person Camera
Mod Shop
Car Unflip
Stinger Drop
Hot Coffee
Give and Take
Ammunation Upgrade
Private Jet
Gang Warfare
Quadruple Insane Stunt
Super CJ
Vehicle Guns
Gun Temperature
CJ Get High and Drunk
Tire Fix
Drive Thru Airport
Bomb Drop
Thermal Sniper
Patriot Explosion Launcher

Spaceeinstein Instructions Inlcuded:
Caucasian CJ in Extra
Many Programs for GTA Modifications: IMG Tool,TXD WorkShop,Handling Editor,
XBox PC Essential for .iso Creation and FTP…
GTA San Andreas Pal Fix included

*********** Very Important: Erase your Previous Game Saves and gta.img from xbox hdd (X,Y,Z) ***********


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Dude! Where did you find this? Thanks man ❤️❤️❤️