They are not only hunting DDoS owners, Europol is now hunting down consumers who are buying DDoS attacks.

You could order a pretty massive attack for only 10 dollars from Webstresser and if you raised that value you would get more power. And this is not a small business trust me. Webstresser had 151 00 users before they where taken down by Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

And now the authorities are hunting down the consumers of the services and they say that the users was hidden under anonymous usernames and used bitcoins to stay under the radar but they still have  a track of the buyers.

The British NCA says they already aimed on the consumers and have since November “SWATTING” 8 buyers and seized 60 computers, tablets and mobile phones. They also say that 400 users can wait for a door knock.

A rapport from Kaspersky Labs says that the attacks are very costly for the victims and small company can pay up to 1 million dollar to clean up after a attack and a attack on a bigger company can cost up to 20 million dollars.

People don’t think it’s harmful to do these kinda attacks online. But you can end up in jail for a very very long time.

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