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The famous clock capacitor

Long time no see! first, I just want to say that it’s nice that we’re back online with h4ck. We have missed throwing out a lot of needy and unnecessary...

Panzer Dragoon (Port v1.0)

Panzer Dragoon (Port v1.0) version Sega Saturn for Xbox Classic. DOWNLOAD

DiabloX (Port v1.0)

DiabloX Port v1.0 for Xbox Classic. DOWNLOAD

Xbox 360 JTag & RGH Homebrew with USB Mod Chip (Updated 2022)

Installing your Xbox 360 JTAG includes a slim console that will supply you with complete administrator and designer rights over your console’s stock software application. After JTAG your Xbox...

TruHeXEn 2020

Basic rundown on changes: Updated bios options including force 480p versions. XBlast OS bios added for RAM upgrade testing purposes as both a TSOP flashing option and the...

TruHeXEn 2021

To all those wanting a proper update to my release of TruHeXEn 2020, you've finally got one. Massive thanks to user "sweetdarkdestiny" here on ogxbox forums for the very  strong...

Slayer’s v.2.7 2021

This a updated version of the last ORIGINAL version v2.7 from Slayer's without BFM-Bios. Slayer never used a BFM but the later updated ones does. Not sure who has...

GTA: San Andreas [P1ch3 Mod]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aNgyQmxsgk Release Name: GTA San Andreas ReTextured & Modded Beta Final NTSC PLATFORM: XBOX FORMAT: ISO/DVD REGION: NTSC & Pal Fix include LANGUAGE: ENGLISH ONLY GENRE: ACTION FILENAME: GTA San Andreas ReTextured & Modded Beta Final...

GTA San Andreas Heavily Modded [FTP Files]

GTA San Andreas for Xbox heavy modded, Massive amount of vehicle mods that include bat mobiles, Batman jet, hot air balloons, RC Bandit is a drivable chicken, drivable outhouse,...

How to Softmod the original Xbox​ (2021)

Requirements An exploitable game (Original games work, some Platinum Hits with specific serials work) Splinter Cell (All versions of this game works, including PH) MechAssault (If PH, get serial MS02301L) ...


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