Always keep an eye on your GPU temp. Yesterday I was playing SCUM for an about 4h straight and after I closed down the game I checked the temperature log to see how the cooling was for those 4h played.

And, the first thing I saw was that the GPU had peaked at 91°C! and for me, that is not okey. But I also know that some GPU’S can peak to that temp without losing any performance, but your GPU will take a beating if you peak to that all the time.

Anyway I decided to check the GPU out (fans,thermal paste etc, other issues that might bring temp issues ) I know that I had problems with the fans a few month ago but I solved it with some sew-machine oil, read about it here.

So I notice that the old thermal paste wasn’t in a good condition so I wiped the old one out and cleaned up and added some new fresh paste.

I have now tested the GPU and now it only peak to 75-80°C while gaming and 45-50°C Idle.


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