My CPU liquid cooling system arrived today, and I thought it would take me an hour to install it but instead it took me around 4 hours lol, and that’s because I had to strip the computer to re-organize everything. I replaced my CPU air cooler to a Cooler Master Liquid ML360R system.

This is the first time that I install a liquid system to any computer, and it is also the first time I own one. The install went well but the problem came when it was time to get order with all the cables to get the RGB function correctly. I’m not an RGB type of guy but I want everything installed so I can turn it off later.

I haven’t tried it out fully yet, but the idle temp is around 30C for the moment and I think when I push it, it will land at about 60C.

Next mission is to buy a new PSU so I can arrange my cables because with this PSU I have now I can’t disconnect any power cables from it that I don’t need and that sucks.

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