Ye! I scored again at my favorite shop at all time! which I call computer cemetery. It’s a computer repair shop with tons of electronics and for me it’s a candy shop!

Anyway, today I scored 2 Xbox 360 machines for 15$! one is defect and one is running (that what he said) anyway, it doesn’t bother me if both are defected because I was there to buy defected Xbox’es so I can repair them and have them running. I’m thinking about fixing those 2 before Christmas and give them to my 2 boys as a present, what you think about that?

Well, we will see, we will see. I do not know what the problem is yet on the none working one and I have no idea (ether him) if they are RGH\JTAGED, but we will found out soon trust me on that lol! I love to score some nice defected consoles and put em up on my project list for repairing. 

keep yourself updated here for the progress on these 2 babies.

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