First of all. This is not some kinda paid partnership or any kinda sponsoring. I have nothing to do with ExitLag I just wanted to share something that is new for me.

I am not the one who easily falls for ads, but because I am interested in technology and networks, I became curious about what I read about ExitLag and I wanted to give it a try because they have FREE 3 Days Trial and no credit card is required so why not.

I have only tested it a few times and my latency dropped down to 28 from 55 using ExitLag.

How it works

ExitLag brings superior quality and speed through multipath data delivery.

Developed from scratch by gamers, for gamers, ExitLag is a proprietary technology that optimizes data routing by instantaneously mapping out various routes and sending the packet through the optimal one! In case one route becomes unstable, the others kick in keeping the game connection unphased.

ExitLag guarantees a stable connection through a real-time optimization system that counts on a worldwide server network spread throughout all continents. The software was built off one of the most sophisticated and accurate algorithms in the industry meant to calculate the most efficient data route.

Multipath Connection

Through the Multipath Connection, technology employed only by ExitLag, connection packets are sent simultaneously through different routes. Should one route become unstable, the others keep the connection running smoothly to make sure your data packet always gets delivered.

Worldwide Servers

ExitLag counts on a worldwide server network spread over all continents that optimize connections from anywhere to anywhere. That way, no one gets cheated on a poor connection and you guarantee a fair game from anywhere in the world.

FPS Boost

Small tweaks in the operating system that can raise your FPS while gaming.

Real-time Optimization

The search for the optimal route is done in real-time, guaranteeing that you’ll always be gaming on the best route possible.

Multi-internet Connection

If the gamer has more than 1 internet source, we make it possible to run both simultaneously, ensuring a problem-free connection.

Traffic Shaping

The games data traffic is prioritized so that your connection isn’t affected even while other devices share the band-width.

Visit ExitLag

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