I have started a new challenge. It’s about growing a bonsai tree from the start and when I mean from the start I mean from-the-seed-kinda start.

Yeah, I’m going to plant my own bonsai tree from the start from a seed and we are just at the begging. what I call that awakening.

The fun thing about all of this is that you will be able to join this journey. You will be able to follow it live 24/7. Maybe not much to see in the beginning right now but as soon as we have planted our ripe seeds in the soil, the interesting thing begins.

We are now in phase 2. We currently have our seeds in the fridge for 7 days. And before soaking the seeds for 24 hours to prepare for phase 2.

Of course, we hope that the seeds will take root and flower.

Wish me luck.


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