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Vi är en Amerikansk startat Esport team som grundades när vi spelade COD. SnD , Control, Hardpoint , CDL rules i COD PC , Xbox, PS Drivna personer, Tävlingsinriktade , och genuina...

Dude! This bring back so many memories

Dude! This bring back so many memories Today I just got sick of Modern Warfare and when I get tired of a game, I play another right? And so, I...

ExitLag – Get rid of lag

First of all. This is not some kinda paid partnership or any kinda sponsoring. I have nothing to do with ExitLag I just wanted to share something that is...

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden | (25 to Life) OGXBOX Event.

What’s good folks! Early morning gives more time to spend the day with, right? Damn I’m tired lol! Maybe that’s because I have been playing Mutant Year Zero: Road to...

1551$ for a 517$ worth machine

Damn, I feel sorry for my friend who got really fuckt when he bought his computer “used” from his “friend” he paid him 1551$ for a machine worth 517$....

Full fame and lock wipe

Alright! it's time for another wipe and this time on fame points and locks. The wipe doesn't bother me at all because I just started to play on another...

Garry’s Mod – Kitten & Humans Throwing Practice

What's up stranger. Yeah I was bored and yeah I wanted to be a bit creative lol. I'm new to this game so I'm kinda exploring it for the moment....

Banner maker pro

Woha, time flies! I was planning to stream today but I ended up making banners in Banner Maker Pro. It's an old program that I have been used before...

I got my hands on some nice classic games

What's up everyone,Finally the job weekend is over and only 3 night shifts are left then I'm having a few days off.Anyways, After work yesterday I visited my friend's...

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Yo what's up buddies! How are you all doing today?, I'm doing all good over here but I have been busy with work so I haven't had time to post...


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