wooha! today I’m tired but that is something you have to take if you want to play. Anyways first of all thanks to everyone who played and tuned in the stream. I also afterwards saw that the stream content was pretty fucktup and laggy I didn’t notice that before it was too late :(. I’m not sure why it got corrupted but I think something heavy was running in the background of the computer. So there will not be any content uploaded from this event.

I will keep and closer eye on the stream next time so it wont corrupt for you next time.

I also want to mention another thing and that is the timezone. I’m from Europe\Sweden and we have CEST here and that means if you are from the US it will be a big different. To explain it in a easy way it means when it’s day time on your side, then its night time on my side, easily explained. I always make a count-down timer so it will be more easy for you to keep a track when it starts.

The head-shot weekend will come back. It always do 🙂

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