I must admit that there has been a lot of gaming this time when I’ve been off work. Most of what I have played is on the computer and I have had a hard time sticking to one game. It’s been everything from Tetris to GTA.

I have also been on the move and bought some new stuff. I felt it was time to upgrade my old microphone, so I bought myself a blue yeti and I have to say that it is wonderful, and the sound quality is incredible. So, if you are going to buy a new microphone, buy a blue yeti nano.

Next time from work it is time to jump on the Xbox train and plan another event. If I need to be honest, I am really craving Far Cry, but I have previously written that you should choose all to prevent a flop like the Call of Duty event where we had over 20 votes but one person only showed up when it was time.

I would also like to say congratulations to you who got free games from me this month and would like a game from steam so click here and read.

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