[Play with enCyde]

For the love of the community I have started a new foundation named [Play with enCyde]. You might have seen some changes on our [Xlink kai Fam] discord. And with that I mean Demon has created some new channels on our server.

And one of them is named [#non-xbox gametimeplanning] and it’s based on that you can look for players to play games on other platforms such PC.

Here is the idea. I wanted to do something nice for the community and I know that games can be expensive if you don’t have money for it. So, I got an idea about setting up a private foundation here. there I will buy a member any game on steam that has Co-Op in it so you can use that games to find other players to play with on our discord. You can pick any game that you want on steam and I will grab the same game so I also can play with you.

I will pick one user every 3: e month.

If you are interested in this all you have to do is comment this post. You must be a Xlink kai fam member. Join our Discord here.



  1. Found ya in the Xlink Discord If you really are serious about this I really want Bloons TD 6. But I don’t think you should just be randomly giving out games all willy nilly. Be careful on how much you spend.


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