Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Call Of Duty 3 Event

What's going on guys! it has been a while since a made a event so now it's time for another Call Of Duty 3 event on Xlink kai! I...

Far Cry Evo (HEADSHOT WEEKEND) coming up Jan 18!

It’s time for another classic Far Cry Evo headshot weekend! And it’s the first one for 2020 and how big isn’t that? For you who played this classic event knows...

Arcade System [Xlink event info]

Hello everyone, I hope everything is fine with you. I've been working on an arcade system for a few days and hope to launch it within two weeks. It's only...

Time to get back to work (And congrats to the winners..)

I must admit that there has been a lot of gaming this time when I've been off work. Most of what I have played is on the computer and...

Upcoming event. You decide by commenting (No voting)

Hello there folks! To be honest my last event didn’t go as I expected it to do if I look at the votes below. No one is forced to play...

Been busy

Haven't updated with anything for a while and that's because I have been busy playing Call of Duty, yeah Modern Warfare is the name you know 😜 I'm an old...

Call of Duty time! (please vote)

We are sorry to hear that COD3 was shutdown on PS2 so I want to make an event to celebrate the greatness of this game by playing it on...

25 To Life event coming up.

What's good folks! I hope everything is all good with you guys! I'm doing all good myself over here and I'm going straight forward for a week off work...

Days of work! Planning a new event. What should I host?

What’s good folks! Finally, I’m having some days of work! It has been a busy week and it’s time to relax. There will be tons of time now to spend...

Still alive (planning a new event)

What’s good everyone! No updates for a while since the game event but I’m still alive and I just have been so damn busy with work for the moment and...


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