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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Collection of 20 Console Emulators (Atari Jaguar to PS3)

Atari Jaguar Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 64 Nintendo DS Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Switch Nintendo Emulator Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Sega Dreamcast Sega Genesis Sega Saturn Sony PSP Super Nintendo Virtual Boy Wii WiiU Xbox 360 DOWNLOAD

Connect Xbox One/PS4 Controllers To Nintendo Switch Without An Adapter

Thanks to user /ndeadly you can now connect up to 8, PS4 or Xbox One (Bluetooth model only) controllers to your Nintendo switch! The newest update to MissionControl 0.4.1 gives...

SAK Convert Games To .nsp For Nintendo Switch

Chances are that if you are familiar with the Nintendo Switch Modding Scene. You have come across games that are in .xci or .nsz format and know that to...

Switch Custom Firmware Atmosphère 0.18.1 Released

Atmosphère's forty-fifth official release was released by u/SciresM 2 days ago.This update is primarily a bugfix update, cleaning up a number of minor issues since 0.18.0 Release Notes A number of...

Nintendo confirms: 160,000 Switch accounts hijacked

Earlier this week it was discovered that hackers had come across Nintendo accounts, and now Nintendo revealed that as many as 160,000 accounts have been hit. During the week, Nintendo...

Nintendo accounts hacked – time to turn on 2-step verification

Some of the hijacked accounts are then used to buy V-Bucks in Fortnite. Over the past month, several Nintendo Switch owners have reported that their accounts have been hacked, Zdnet...

I’m official in the Nintendo Switch business (Give me tips!)

Alright I’m official in the Nintendo Switch business now and a few days ago was the first time ever to put my hands on one and I love it!...

Are Sword & Shield the Pokémon Games I’ve Always Wanted?

Pokémon is a franchise that I've had a very unique relationship with over the years. My first exposure to it was TV ads for the anime that my six-year-old...

Switch Firmware Update 7.0 Coming In The Next 24 Hours (Probably Sooner)

According to YouTuber Spawn Wave via forum poster rory2005. Data miners have discovered code showing new firmware "7.0" is coming to the Nintendo Switch as soon as tonight. https://youtu.be/g9v72ycSUac What...


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