Alright I’m official in the Nintendo Switch business now and a few days ago was the first time ever to put my hands on one and I love it! the first thing I was checking even before I turned it on for the first  time was if the model was available to be patched… but it wasn’t ☹

But that’s not a problem for now and I hope there will be a workaround later. I just tested out one game that I bought very cheap and it was Earth FaLL, neat I must say blasting aliens with 3 other players (it also has an online mode).

But I didn’t get the Switch to play FPS games I got it so I can play Zelda, Pokémon Shield and Mario off course. I also ordered a Switch PRO controller so I can feel more comfortable playing as the control adapter isn’t that good in my hands.

So, all you switch nerds out there! Give me tips on what I should get for my console and tips me about other games other than those I mentioned above.



  1. First of all, I’d advise against using the JoyCons for any serious gaming, as they have a tendency to break down over time with normal use. Last I heard, Nintendo still hasn’t manged to resolve those issues. I’d look into getting a pro controller if you plan to mainly play on the TV or a 3rd party JoyCon replacement if you’re going to be in handled mode more.

    As for games, Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are the go-to first party games on the Switch, and for good reason. I like Mario a little more personally, but they’re bot very solid titles, my only advice is to avoid playing them back-to-back, because while the mechanics are different, the overall game design between the two is very similar. You might get burnt out if you straight form one to the other. I’d also recommend the latest Mario Party title, as well as Blasphemous, Octopath Traver, and BaBa is You.

    Also don’t bother with Pokemon Sword and Shield. They’re extremely disappointing and don’t deserve your money. If you haven’t seen the Pokemon Sword video I uploaded at the beginning of the month, I’d advise watching that for more detail.

    I think, that’s all the advice I’ve got, Enjoy the Switch and have a happy new year.

    • Thanks for answering. Yea, I’ve notice that the JoyCons feels very fragile and my big strong hands will destroy them easy lol. I’m going to pick up the PRO controller in a few days from now (post office closed down due holidays..) I already ordered the shield game and I will give it a try (A Pokemon freak at work said it was good lol) I signed up for Nintendo Online as I type and will try out this Tetris battle royal game now.

    • I have been using the PRO controller for 2 days now and it’s all good! to be honest, I get a better feeling in my hands if I compare with the Xbox One controller. This was a good buy!


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