Alright I’m official in the Nintendo Switch business now and a few days ago was the first time ever to put my hands on one and I love it! the first thing I was checking even before I turned it on for the first  time was if the model was available to be patched… but it wasn’t ☹

But that’s not a problem for now and I hope there will be a workaround later. I just tested out one game that I bought very cheap and it was Earth FaLL, neat I must say blasting aliens with 3 other players (it also has an online mode).

But I didn’t get the Switch to play FPS games I got it so I can play Zelda, Pokémon Shield and Mario off course. I also ordered a Switch PRO controller so I can feel more comfortable playing as the control adapter isn’t that good in my hands.

So, all you switch nerds out there! Give me tips on what I should get for my console and tips me about other games other than those I mentioned above.


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1 year ago

First of all, I’d advise against using the JoyCons for any serious gaming, as they have a tendency to break down over time with normal use. Last I heard, Nintendo still hasn’t manged to resolve those issues. I’d look into getting a pro controller if you plan to mainly play on the TV or a 3rd party JoyCon replacement if you’re going to be in handled mode more. As for games, Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are the go-to first party games on the Switch, and for good reason. I like Mario a little more personally, but they’re… Read more »