According to YouTuber Spawn Wave via forum poster rory2005. Data miners have discovered code showing new firmware “7.0” is coming to the Nintendo Switch as soon as tonight.

What Does This Mean For Me?

If you’re planning to or if you have already modded your Nintendo Switch. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT INSTALL THIS FIRMWARE UPDATE. A handy guide to blocking firmware updates on your switch can be found here.

As with most firmware updates on the switch it’s best practice to wait and see what features have been implemented in the newest release of firmware. It’s highly likely that Nintendo has improved several security features with this update and to avoid getting your console banned. I would wait for data miners to analyze all of the newest firmware.

Expected Features for Firmware 7.0

  • Language support for Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Several “stability” (cough cough) updates. A name change to the Nintendo Eshop.
  • And some have speculated that users of the Nintendo Online Service will be able to message people on their friends list (A feature that should have been present upon launch) after this update.

None of these are justifiable reasons to upgrade from firmware 6.2!!!! I’m never stoked when Nintendo releases a new firmware update and this is no exception. There’s a good chance Nintendo will let us all down. There’s plenty of awesome games and homebrew available for 6.2. So have fun and safe hacking.

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