Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Activision utsatt för dataintrång – 500K konton eller mer läckta

Under dagen så såg jag ett inlägg i Call of Duty: Sverige om att en persons Activision konto hade blivit hackat, men det märkliga är att varken Activision eller...

Nine million Easyjet customers hacked – credit card information leaked

According to the BBC, Easyjet first became aware of the attack in January. Low-cost airline Easyjet says they have been exposed to a highly sophisticated cyber attack, the BBC reports. The...

As you bed, you get to lie – chats leaked from WeLeakData

Private chats from a large hacker forum have leaked and are now for sale on the black market. Data from these chats may be used in criminal investigations. Until the...

Nintendo confirms: 160,000 Switch accounts hijacked

Earlier this week it was discovered that hackers had come across Nintendo accounts, and now Nintendo revealed that as many as 160,000 accounts have been hit. During the week, Nintendo...

Nintendo accounts hacked – time to turn on 2-step verification

Some of the hijacked accounts are then used to buy V-Bucks in Fortnite. Over the past month, several Nintendo Switch owners have reported that their accounts have been hacked, Zdnet...

Hackers found ways to take over Apple’s webcams

Security researcher Ryan Pickren now reveals that in December he discovered three vulnerabilities in Safari that together made it possible to take over both the camera and the microphone...

Known hacking forum hacked – for the second time in a year

Hackers have come across the hackers forum Ogusers database on April 2. Data for about 200,000 users hacked. The Oguser forum administrator revealed yesterday that an intrusion was detected, Zdnet...

Marriott leaked 5.2 million personal data – again!

The Marriott hotel chain has once again been exposed to an attack and leaked guests' personal information, this time to 5.2 million guests. Marriott has confirmed the...

Hijacked YouTube channels fools people with the help of Bill Gates

Recently 30 popular Youtube channels have been hijacked by people who promise gold and green forests in exchange for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As soon as the scams have hijacked...

14 Ways to Evade Botnet Malware Attacks On Your Computers

Cybercriminals are busy innovators, adapting their weapons and attack strategies, and ruthlessly roaming the web in search of their next big score. Every manner of sensitive information, such as confidential...


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