Private chats from a large hacker forum have leaked and are now for sale on the black market. Data from these chats may be used in criminal investigations.

Until the end of April, WeLeakData (.com) was a very popular forum for cyber criminals and other stakeholders, and a marketplace for stolen data. But then the site suddenly shut down. Rumors were that the owner had been arrested or that the site had been hacked and data leaked, or both. The latter is now likely to be true.

Cyble security company Cyble writes in a report, referenced by Bleeping Computer, that data from WeLeakData is now available for sale on other hacker forums. Cyble has obtained parts of this data and can confirm the authenticity.

The most sensitive pieces are data from chats between hackers. These chats can reveal business and how various attacks have taken place, information that can be very interesting for criminal investigators.

At the same time, WeLeakData has not disappeared. The now stolen database has been used to migrate data to a new site,, which seems to be a new start to the old WeLeakData.

It seems that the database was sold to a member of WeLeakData who then used it to launch a new site with essentially the same content.

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