Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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What’s up!

What’s up guys! Sorry for the lack of updates but I have just been busy with work and now I’m finally having some day off! And  I will suck...

Still alive (planning a new event)

What’s good everyone! No updates for a while since the game event but I’m still alive and I just have been so damn busy with work for the moment and...

Family first

The weather today was totally shit! There was a few glitches and the sun peaked out and we went out to play Slenderman (A hunting game that the kids...

Get back to me backup!

Do you know the feeling when you can reach your backup server after having it off for a few weeks? I got that feeling today. Last time I switched...

Finaly some time off [Observer stream] [Free Cloud account Kai fam members]

Yea, feels wonderful to have some days off work. I haven't touched the computer for a few days. I have been hitting the gym pretty hard the last two...

Pet Cemetery

I capture a pretty sick shot of the Pet Sematary here around where I live on the way home from work. Before this pet cemetery there is a human cemetery...

You do know how to fly a glider, right?

Hello there stranger! Damn it feels good right now I most say. I'm going to work these 2 days and then I'm going to have 7 days off work and...

ah, that’s it for now

wooha! I haven been configuring the site for a few days now and the interface and all the site blocks are in the right places so I will leave that...

Welcome to

The first blog made on Hello and welcome to the Internets Swiss Army Knife. This site is a mix of a publicpersonal website driven by me (enCyde). If you...

Saturday lazy

wooha! We haven't done a shit today to be honest :) it's Saturday and why the heck should we. All we have done is some gaming, some netflix, eating good...


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