I started to play SCUM when it came out and the graphics was beautiful, and I enjoyed exploring the world that I was in. But then after a while the shadows in the game started to be grainy and awful (for the most on long distance) but also in near.

For the most it looks bad under trees like in this picture.

Do you see the grainy shadow texture under the trees?

When I started to play SCUM I didn’t have these grainy shadows and that was about 5 months ago or even more.

Here at the fence you can also see bad shadowing.

Here you can also see the grainy shadow

I know the game is alpha but trust me when I say that I didn’t have this problem when I started to play this game. How are your shadows showing up when you play? Do you have the same problem or is it just me? I’ve tweaked with Nvidia control panel and tested out a lot of different stuff to improve the quality but with no results.

To be honest. This issue makes me not wanting to play the game and I don’t know how many times I re-installed the game when new updates arrived.

I’m running an 8 gigabytes GTX 1070 card.

Please comment below if you also having the same problem.



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