CoinOPS 3 is released in 3 ways

CoinOPS 3
CoinOPS 2 Lite
CoinOPS 2 Standalone

CoinOPS 3
as its says this is the full set it will include all game roms and videos
matched working and ready to go best simple option for new users but big download

CoinOPS 2 Lite
a smaller trimmed down best of set that contains less games and videos
its designed for users with a standard 8gb xbox hdd but still has all the features of the
full set its fully customiseable and a smaller download

CoinOPS 2 Standalone
between each CoinOPS full release there are update releases these
are called Standalones they add new features or support for new games but dont include
any roms or videos they are small downloads standalones are also a good way for advanced
users to upgrade from an older CoinOPS set to the latest version

one last thing if you have say coinops 3 R7 and you miss a few update releases you DONT
need to get everyone you missed so say you have R7 and you want to update to R10
you will NOT need R8 or R9 just go straight to R10 and you will be bang upto date

the save is acade33x

To updgrade from any previous version to CoinOPS 3 you will need to move the following things

All Mdrive PCD PCE SNES roms and folders from roms to roms16BitConsoles
All the rest of the roms with _ in the title except for any MI_ roms into romsConsoles

Then rescan your roms…


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