I have been off work for a week now but I promise you that I do not feel rested at all lol and tomorrow it is back to work again.

But it’s been fun and I’ve had a lot done. Now I do not mean that I have just sat at the computer and nerded I have spent a lot of time with my 2 kids and girl. But it’s hard to be a nerd and have two kids who get up early in the morning, but hey! That’s the price I must pay for living like this 😉

I have worked a lot on the site and activated some new features. You may have noticed the chat icon. It is so that we who run h4ck can provide support directly to our visitors.

We have also worked a lot with safety and made a lot of backups. Believe it or not but we have started to get huge with traffic here at h4ck.

We are still expanding our team here and if you are interested in maybe starting to write for us, check out the video below

Now I need to chill down with a movie
 no more late nights for a while ;\



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