The Marriott hotel chain has once again been exposed to an attack and leaked guests’ personal information, this time to 5.2 million guests. Marriott has confirmed the incident and is helping those affected.

Marriott International, one of the world’s largest hotel chains, has once again been hit by a cyber attack that has exposed guests’ personal information. Two years ago, Marriott discovered a data breach that is considered one of the worst in history when nearly half a billion personal data leaked from the company’s databases. The figure was later written down to about 339 million.

This time, 5.2 million personal data is exposed. At present, it is uncertain whether the personal data was actually copied from the company’s database, and the exposure was detected relatively quickly, unlike last time. Marriott says in its statements that attackers took over two accounts belonging to Marriott employees and gained access to the company’s databases from mid-January until the intrusion was detected at the end of February.

Since the intrusion was discovered, Marriott has taken a number of measures. Both compromised accounts were closed immediately, an investigation has been initiated and network monitoring has been enhanced. Marriott has also reset passwords for the affected guests and also helps affected guests with various issues, writes Bleeping Computer.

Marriott claims that no sensitive personal information such as identity documents and credit cards have been exposed, but well information such as name, address, date of birth, email, telephone number, loyalty program information and points and gender.

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