More than 1,100 people suspected of participating in riots have been identified by face recognition technology, which is criticized by both lawyers and human rights activists.

At the end of February, there were widespread riots in the Indian capital of New Delhi, as a result of the new laws that effectively put a stop to Muslim refugees from neighboring countries becoming citizens of the country.

Now comes information that Indian police have used facial recognition to identify 1100 people suspected of participating in the riots. In addition, it has chosen to retrieve information from Aadhaar, a database containing sensitive data on over a billion people living in the country.

The procedure has received harsh criticism from both lawyers and human rights activists, especially as the face recognition technology used has proved to be deficient. For example, the system has a hit accuracy of only one percent when it comes to identifying missing children, Gizmodo reports.

According to former police chief O P Singh, fears are exaggerated, as the technology in fact helps to reduce the number of wrongful arrests.



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