What’s good everyone and welcome to a new tutorial. This time I will show you how to install the IRC client Quassel and connect it to Freenode IRC server and join the #kalilinuxOS channel.

encyde@kali:~ sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
encyde@kali:~ sudo apt-get install quassel

After the installation run the Quassel.

encyde@kali:~ quassel
woha! Quassel is running. Let’s connect to Freenode IRC server.

Let’s setup Quassel and connect to Freenode and join #kalilinuxOS

Click next to start configure.
Setup your identity such as nickname to connect to the IRC server. Don’t worry you don’t need to fill in your real name in the real name field. This is just info that will be shown when someone looks you up using /whois
Next configuring is the networking and we want to connect to Freenode. So close down this window and let’s do it from start.

Go to File/Networks/Configure Networks..

Now it’s time to setup the IRC network we want to connect to. We are going to add Freenode.

Click on Add..

You can see that there are some network present already configured. Click on the arrow to expand the drop down menu and choose Freenode and click OK.

Now you can see that Freenode IRC server is added as our first network. Click apply and then OK.

From here click on connect at the top left.

Click Yes.

And bang! we are connect to Freenode IRC Network.

Let’s join the channel #kalilinuxOS

Type in the bottom bar /join #kalilinuxOS and hit ENTER.

We are now connected to Freenode and have joined the channel #kalilinuxOS

This was a tutorial on how to easily connect to an IRC network. I myself use a completely different client that is a bit more advanced. If you feel like taking it to the next level, take a look at Irssi and Weechat.

For some basic IRC commands check out this wiki.



  1. Thanks! this is how a easy tutorial should be. Easy to read and easy to understand. I’m interested about irssi and I know there are tons of tuts out there about it but your tuts are easy to understand. Do you mind writing one for irssi when you have time?


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