Nearly 4,300 public servers have incorrect settings or outdated software and can be used to create ddos attacks at up to 207 gigabits per second.

The security company Netscout warns of a new wave of ddos attacks using Datagram Transport Layer Security (D / TLS).It is estimated that there are close to 4,300 public servers that can be used in the attacks, as they have incorrect settings and / or outdated software. Thus, it is more or less free for hackers to use them to send out large amounts of junk data.

According to Netscout, the largest ddos attacks in the new wave have a magnitude of 45 gigabits per second. By combining D / TLS with other vectors, it is possible to increase traffic further to 207 gigabits per second, reports Ars Technica.

To reduce the risk of D / TLS being used in ddos attacks, companies and organizations are encouraged to update the software as soon as possible and review the settings.

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