I made a few changes to HeXEn 2017 to… well, update some of it. There’s certainly a lot more that could be done, but I didn’t feel like it was necessary to go all-out on it, since the disc is primarily just used for TSOP/modchip flashing and building new HDDs.

But with flashing in mind, there were some issues that should have been addressed, which were 1) editing the EvoX M8+ BIOS files to disable the need for a DVD drive on boot up (because it makes no sense to keep that restriction enabled) and 2) removing the ability to flash iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only), since it is apparently broken and just bricks the TSOP/modchip.

  • Changed the default.xbe’s title to “HeXEn 2018”.
  • New menu background image.
  • Main menu’s network type is now set to DHCP.
  • Updated all EvoX M8+ .bin files to remove the DVD drive check by default.
  • Removed iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only), due to reports that it bricks the TSOP/modchip it is flashed to.
  • ind-bios.cfg now supports 480p by default.
  • Updated XBMC to include JCRocky5’s 480p Game Loader scripts (useful if you have a 1.6 Xbox, otherwise it can be ignored).
  • Updated Chimp261812 to JCRocky5’s latest release.
  • 1080i support is now disabled by default (because it slows the Xbox down if enabled).
  • UnleashX .xbe file replaced with a patched version that doesn’t automatically create UDATA folders for all .xbe files it sees on the HDD.
  • Screensaver text changes.
  • Various spelling and grammatical fixes.
  • Other general housekeeping.


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