This is the latest build and last build of the Final Burn Alpha Next emulator pack for Jtag/RGH XBox 360s.

All rom files are now in 7z and every parent rom and its clones are all in the same file. Includes screenshots and videos for all games. Also has the latest Neo Geo universe bios included (3.1). Included are full arcade rom packs for Arcade, Neo Geo, Mega drive, TurboGrafx and so on, a total of 6047 roms.

To access the emulator menu while you are playing you have to press the RB, RT and LT buttons simultaneously.

To install just ftp the entire folder to your xbox360 hdd.�This runs from Freestyle dashboard or better yet Aurora dashboard

PS: Also includes the updates that came out after version .31 was released, like the Taito and Kaneko fixes. I have yet to find the differences when running these instead of the default executable, but they are included for completeness’s sake.


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