Yesterday the weather was rainy so we spent most of the time inside and if you have kids you know it’s a struggle to keep 2 kids activated inside that have full energy lol but I solved it easy, do you want to know how?

Well, kids like games and my kids has talked about that they wanted to record some gameplay when the play GTA (yes, I know kids shouldn’t play GTA) but this is hardcore modded version and I have removed a lot of  “bad” things in the game and they are not allowed to do  everything in the game such as running around and killing innocent people.

But if they want to drive a bus or a cop car and do it more like a role-playing thing then I am all in for it.

So, they recorded, and I did some cutting and editing and we will see later if we are going to upload it to YouTube.

The weather isn’t looking that good today ether, but it is going to be better later on and we are planning to take the bikes to the skatepark and might be jumping into the swimming pool later on.

We will see, stay frosty!



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