It has been a nice and quiet weekend and I can’t complain at all! I spent it with my girl and my son, and we have been playing a lot together because he is just like me lol, but his fav game is Fortnite, and he is pretty badass compared to the noob myself.

Other then that I have just done some nerd stuff like jailbreaking the “new” PlayStation 2 system that I grabbed for a damn good price online. We also had the headshot-Saturday event with my team Frag Delivery (check the post about that) and it was intensive but fun!

I started to gym again for about 2 weeks ago, so I have been resting up this weekend to hit the weights again because it is time to grow again and fuck this corona virus that kept me away! I am not saying it over, I just take it more secure and easy around people.

Next week I will try play more Modern Warfare with the team again I just have been so damn busy with tons of other projects.

Take care folks.

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