Installing your Xbox 360 JTAG includes a slim console that will supply you with complete administrator and designer rights over your console’s stock software application. After JTAG your Xbox 360, you can support video games straight to your console, play brand-new file formats that were formerly unsupported, set up video game mods, and run third-party software applications not supported by Xbox 360. To JTAG your Xbox 360, you need to initially upgrade your firmware, then set up a third-party jailbreak software application utilizing a Windows-based computer system.

RGH Xbox 360 JTAG

Homebrew code permits the Xbox 360 console to do prolonged functions outside exactly what was prepared by the maker (Microsoft). The term (homebrew) implies software application that wasn’t made by big business or company, nevertheless, it is merely made at the house by a specific or group of individuals.

Homebrew abilities are truly unlimited, as it depends on the scene to make releases, numerous members of online forums have actually made their own programs groups some work separately.

Xbox 360 JTAG 2019 is fully compatible with all consoles including slim as well as today in the future. In order to install Xbox 360 JTAG on your console, you will need only a USB and there is no need to open your console. Everything will be done with a USB. A USB must be a minimum of at least 512MB in order to perform it. We have given the instruction below step by step. This JTAG does not require any hardware installation.

Note: This JTAG is supported on Xbox 360 for all models including Slim, Super Slim, E, and S consoles.

How To Xbox 360 JTAG with USB

Step 1: Download Latest Xbox 360 JTAG firmware which is up to date software version 1.01.

Step 2: Extract the file either 7zip or WinRAR

Step 3: Create a folder named “XBOX” and create inside the folder named “XMOD”.

Step 4: Move the “XBOXMOD.PKG” file to the directly “XMOD” that you created on the USB Stick.

Step 5: Plug the USB into your Xbox 360 console.

Step 6: Navigate to the “Setting Tab”, choose “System Update”.

Step 7: It will say it found “XBOX One JTAG Mod v1.04” and choose OK.

Step 8: Accept user “Terms and Condition” and install “Update”.
(Note: It will usually take 10-15 minutes to complete your installation and your Xbox 360 console will beep 3-4 times and then shut down.

Step 9: Power up your Xbox 360 and go to Setting > System Update > System Information. You will see the Xbox 360 JTAG version.

How To Download Xbox 360 JTAG Games Free

When you have done Xbox 360 JTAG, you will be able to see a new app name “Xbox App Store” where you can download any games. All paid games will be accessible free forever and also available in game mode inside the game option. However, in that app store, you would not need any payment process during download games. In that case, everything is free to use.

That is all. If you like this useful Xbox 360 JTAG, do not forget to share this website.

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