I’m one hundred percent a beginner when it comes to producing videos. But when I do all this with my son, it does not matter what it looks like or how it sounds. The most important thing is that we create something together and get to hang out.

Since he was a baby, my son has been able to handle numbers and letters very well. It started with numbers and now that he is a little older (10 years) we notice how well he can handle words and he can do it quickly as well.

It started with him watching battle rap on YouTube and then it has successively started with him spitting his own bars to some free beats on YouTube.

Anyway, we started battling each other and I noticed almost immediately how he ate me. Both in speed and rhyme.

I then wanted to take it a step higher and asked if he wanted to record a freestyle video.

Of course, he wanted to. And now we have come a long way.

Check out the teaser

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