Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Playing Warzone with Heart Rate Sensor and Tobii Eye Tracker

I have invested in some cool stuff to make my streams more fun to watch and the first thing I invested in is a heart rate sensor that I...

Blair Witch (New game to stream)

I love horror games and that is not a secret if you browse my site for old articles. But I have not played any other games that much since...

Stuck in the Warzone swamp

I have not streamed and played anything except Warzone for the past weeks. I must admit that I am all hooked up hunting for wins in Warzone with my...

Streaming Computer (Hardware good?)

I was thinking of investing in a streaming computer, most to be able to relieve the computer I am playing on but also to get a smooth stream as...

Call of Duty time! (please vote)

We are sorry to hear that COD3 was shutdown on PS2 so I want to make an event to celebrate the greatness of this game by playing...

Picked up S.A.W again

I thought I had finished the game but I had a feeling that I hadn’t so today I started to continue the journey and damn some things are pretty...

25 To Life event coming up.

What's good folks! I hope everything is all good with you guys! I'm doing all good myself over here and I'm going straight forward for a week off work...

Never played World of Warcraft before

Never played World of Warcraft before. I’m totally full blood noob but damn boy the game is like heroin addicting as fack. The whole experience stuff to level up...

Dude how many people can play this max? (25 To Life) event.

Thanks to everyone who pop’t up at the 25 To Life event! You guys made me laugh that’s for sure! I wish I could join the voice chat more...


What’s good folks! The voting between SWB2 and Far Cry Evo are over, and the winner is SWB2. Below you can see the logfile from the voting. These two games...


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